Frequently Asked Questions

San Juan del Sur real estate

Q. How many stories can I build my house?

A. Homes can be built 1 to 2 stories, 3 stories can be built but only on the backside of homes that are on a down slope. Basements can be permitted for up sloped, down sloped or on level properties not visible from the road.

Q. Is there a minimum size home that can be built at Seahorse Tropics?

A. Yes, In order to keep home values and appreciation of your investment high, homes will be no less than 1200 sq. ft. and must have at least 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Q. Is there a theme for the community?

A. Yes, Seahorse Tropics will have a prestigious colonial with native flare style. Homeowners are encouraged to use similar architecture.

Q. Can I rent my home?

A. Yes, in fact Seahorse Tropics has been accepted for law 306 and will be offering an onsite rental program with 10 years tax free incentives.

Q. Is the community eco friendly?

A. Yes. The community will be utilizing solar energy as well as grey water reclamation for irrigation, and there are plans for over 10 km. of nature paths, hiking,
walking, and jogging trails to view the beauty of the property.

Q. Can I remove a tree blocking my view of the ocean either on my property or in the common areas?

A. Yes. You can file a request with the homeowners association, pick up some orange ribbon, and mark the tree in question. The HOA will assess the situation and determine whether the tree can be pruned back or should be removed (this will also require replanting of additional native trees elsewhere on the property.)

Q. Will I be able to use the resort facilities in the future or even after the 10 year tax incentives have expired?

A. Yes: pool, clubhouse, gardens, restaurant, gym, work out rooms, massage and spa facilities, conference room, jacuzzi, sauna, and golf course will all be there for your enjoyment.

Q. Will I have to pay a fee to use the facilities each time at the resort?

A. No, the only fee you will have to pay is your homeowners association fee currently $50 per month or $500 if paid by the year. 100% of these funds will go toward paving the roads as well as up keep and maintenance on all common areas besides the resort itself.

Q. Can I have a guesthouse or out building?

A. Yes, The guesthouse or out building must match the esthetics of the main house and be no larger than 1/3 the size of the main house. Verandas, cabanas, or covered patios are permitted and encouraged.

Q. Is my property insured?

A. Yes, The entire Property of Seahorse Tropics is insured and in addition, every lot owner will receive from First American Title a separate certificate of title insurance with every lot deed issued through escrow.

Q. Do I have full ownership of my lot?

A. Yes, you will be given a registered and insured deed and are able to sell your real estate investment as you please.

Q. Will there be security?

A. Yes, there will be 24 hour onsite security and monitoring.