Vacation in Nicaragua

Vacation in Nicaragua

There are several airlines that have nonstop flights to Managua, making it easy and quick to get to Nicaragua from anywhere in the world. Many itineraries can put you on the beach in San Juan del Sur enjoying cocktails and the sunset by the end of the day.

Airlines that fly direct into Managua, Nicaragua:

You can also fly to another country in Central America and catch a flight to Managua from another airport in the region. It has become easier and easier to get to Nicaragua.

Flying is not the only way to get to Nicaragua. From any other country in Central America, you can take an international bus for a very low fare any day of the week.

Once in Nicaragua, there are several different ways to get around, and countless places to go. You have the option of renting a car, taking a taxi, or taking a bus. Driving around in a taxi can be fun and with a basic knowledge of the Spanish language it is easy to get engaged in a conversation with the friendly taxi drivers. Taxis do not use meters, so be sure to always agree on a price before getting into a taxi.

Buses are another option. The routes can be a bit slower but more adventurous. Buses are a very common method of transportation in Nicaragua.

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Most likely the easiest way of getting around is renting a car, which you can do with or without a driver included. Obviously the driver will know how to get pretty much anywhere you want to go, but if a total lack of street signs and directions made up of "how many blocks toward the lake" or "turn at the leaning tree" do not phase you, then driving around the city and the countryside can be very rewarding.