Things To Do In Nicaragua


Whatever your tastes and pleasures, the San Juan del Sur area has something for everyone, in fact! This beautiful area-with white-sand beaches, clear ocean waters, rocky outcroppings, and forested bluffs-is the setting for high-speed adventure and turtle-speed lounging alike.

Explore the Beaches:

One of the best ways to explore the coast, as well as experience one of the many secluded beaches in the area, is to set sail on one of the available sailboat or catamaran charters. There are other ways to access the nearby beaches. Check in with your hotel or hospedaje for possible shuttles (several offer them). There's also the local bus. For a more rigorous experience, you can walk or ride a bike to one or more of the beaches as there are many $5 dollar per day bike rentals in town. Horseback riding is another option. Check with Bahia Majagual or one of the many Spanish schools in town.

The Pacific invites you to swim in its enticingly warm waters, or ride its waves on a boogie board or surfboard (check out one of the many surf shops in town for rentals). If birding is your thing, there are many fine-feathered friends to observe in all their splendor-frigate birds, brown pelicans, and cormorants are just a few of the species that put on a beach show for you. Pass the day trying your luck at sport fishing aboard one of the many full-service fishing boats and reel in fish such as sailfish, roosterfish, dorado, Marlin, Spanish macarela or snappers or ... (you get the idea).

See the Area by Foot:


Those inclined to "hoof it" around San Juan del Sur will be well-rewarded by scenic vistas and wildlife sightings. A short walk up the bluff on the south side of San Juan del Sur's beach takes you to the lighthouse and William Walker's ruined fort. On the trail you'll see few people, but many fabulous views; gaze upon the nearby mountains of Costa Rica and the beautiful coastline. A longer, more strenuous walk to the "antennas" will offer even more impressive views to the west of San Juan del Sur and to the east of the volcanoes and the Island of Ometepe in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Unlike the lighthouse, this trail starts outside of town. But don't worry, a car or bus can whisk you up much of the up-hill part. Another hike (or maybe a bike ride) is to the neighboring beach of Remanso. Ask around and someone will point you in the right direction. It's also fun to explore the rocky shorelines, with tide pools, caves, and blowholes-that you'll find at some of the beaches.

Learn to Speak Spanish and Experience Nicaraguan Culture:

Spanish anyone? Enrich your experience in Central America by learning to speak the language at one of the many Spanish schools located in San Juan del Sur. Some of the schools offer other classes and workshops as well (art, dance, etc.). And if your timing is right, you may be lucky enough to enjoy one of San Juan's many annual, local fiestas. For example, the town celebrates its patron saint, San Juan, on June 22nd. During Semana Santa (around Easter time) a good time will be had by all.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling:


A relatively undiscovered gem 20 minutes south of San Juan del Sur is the turtle refuge at La Flor beach (Refugio Vida Silvestre Playa La Flor). Depending on the time of the year, you can see gigantic, endangered Leatherback or Green Ridley sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach. October, November, and December are the primary egg-laying months, but on occasion they're known to come ashore at other times. Female sea turtles lay their eggs at the same beach where they themselves hatched. And some sea turtles live to be more than 400 years old! Another sight to be seen follows 2-3 months after the eggs have been laid, baby sea turtles emerge by the thousands from nests buried deep beneath the sand to begin their perilous journey toward the sea, scrambling on top of each other before getting their bearings. While turtles are mostly seen at night, don't let the day slip by without strolling along the incredibly beautiful beach of La Flor, or exploring the freshwater estuary and inland portions of the refuge.

Dining and Shopping:

Enjoy dining at some of San Juan del Sur's finest palapa roofed restaurants right on the beach or one of the near 50 restaurants sprinkled around town. Shop the vendors through town and pick up some hand made Nicaraguan pottery or hammocks made by local artisans.

ATV and Vehicle Rentals:

In the town of San Juan del Sur you will find all kinds of rentals such as ATV's, scooters 4x4's and vehicles for daily adventures and getaways.