Environmental Statement

Coastal Sea Turtles

Seahorse Tropics Resort is proud of the measures and investments they have made to limit the impact on the environment as well as initiatives to rebuild the surrounding ecosystems.

Sustainable employment is, first and foremost, the most important factor when it comes to reversing the environmental devastation associated with poverty and subsistence agriculture. By relieving the urgency of providing food at any cost, and by otherwise occupying the efforts of those workers, the environment is spared some of the ravages associated with adverse unemployment.

Seahorse Tropics San Juan del Sur real estate is committed to the local environment of the San Juan del Sur area and is continually making substantial investments to ensure the continued beauty and environmental health of the region. Serious, real dollar investments are required to implement low impact solutions, especially in the heavy clay soils along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Seahorse Tropics is providing 10's of thousands of plants and trees and the labor to replant the surrounding area, public park spaces and off property as a way to educate and simultaneously enhance the living space of our neighbors.

Seahorse Tropics has implemented the best green technologies to minimize impact on the project site. Off site impact will be even greater by creating sustainable employment and giving back to the local community. Through utilization of a sustainable development model and the right use of technologies, Seahorse Tropics and its neighbors will not only reduce the impact on the environment, but they will dramatically improve the long term future effects of the community as well. Solar energy as well as grey water reclamation for irrigation are just two of the ways that Seahorse Tropics will be giving back to the environment.

To get more information about our environmental responsibility send us an email at: info@seahorsetropics.com